Principles that will get us back on track.

Glenn Anderson

Glenn AndersonI believe that the United States and Washington State Constitutions are the cornerstone documents of our representative democracy.

They should be interpreted narrowly and with common sense. I will uphold both the spirit and the letter of those documents against special interests that would intentionally or unintentionally undermine the freedoms and safeguards they provide.

I believe in limited and efficient government.

Government services of all types should be provided in an efficient and accountable manner and as close to the local level as possible. Government services should reinforce a sense of individual responsibility and not create a culture of bureaucratic dependency.

I believe in fiscal accountability.

It matters that government must live within its means and be accountable to you the taxpayer. Government agencies must focus on serving the needs of the public and not their own bureaucratic interests.

I believe in open government.

The right of citizens to access public officials, public proceedings and public records should not be abridged or impaired. Broad and timely public disclosure of government activities builds public confidence in our constitutional process.

I believe in a culture of excellence in our schools.

Parental guidance and participation in their child's schooling (public, private or the home) is the first hallmark of a productive education system. Teachers who make extra efforts to help children learn and excel in achievement deserve significant rewards.

I believe that private sector jobs are the cornerstone of our prosperity.

A family-wage private sector job is the best social program for any individual, their family and their community.  Plentiful private sector jobs empower self-dignity and individual opportunity and allow for a low tax burden to support all the investments necessary for our common quality-of-life aspirations.

I believe in personal property rights.

If government takes your private property through seizure, a regulatory taking, or damages the value of your property, the government owes you fair compensation in a timely manner.

I believe in responsible environmental conservation.

Clean air, water and land provide us all with a natural environment that defines the quality-of-life we all enjoy. Conserving our natural environment is a legacy we must leave to our children.



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