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Independent Republican Candidate for Lieutenant Governor Denied Chance to Speak at GOP State Convention

May 31, 2012
For Immediate Release

Grade-­‐school playground politics alleged

Tacoma, WA – May 31, 2012 – The Washington State Republican Party central leadership committee has voted not to allow State Representative Glenn Anderson, (R-­‐Fall City) to address the Republican state convention in Tacoma along with other Republicans running for statewide office.

Rep. Anderson has filed as an Independent Republican to challenge 16-­‐year incumbent Democrat Brad Owen for the Office of Lieutenant Governor.

“It’s truly unfortunate, at a time when the public is giving our Washington State Republican Party a strong second look, that they would come to such a decision. Voters are seeking qualified candidates that are inclusive and who understand their real concerns regarding the future of our state and their families. Grade-­‐school playground politics about who is pure enough for the club is not what voters are interested in,” said Anderson.

Rep. Anderson served in the state legislature over the last twelve years as a Republican representing the 5th Legislative District in eastern King County. The veteran legislator is recognized as the most experienced Republican in the state legislature regarding K-­‐12 education reform and adequate funding issues. He also has the most fiscally conservative voting record of any member of the state house of representatives during his public service tenure.


“I filed as an ‘Independent Republican’ because I believe in truth in advertising,” said Anderson. “Anyone who knows me and my record understand that I’m a Republican and I’m also independent. I believe in the traditional Republican principles of hard work, individual responsibility and limited government with a hand-­‐up, not a hand-­‐out for those who need work. But, I don’t believe the party has every answer. I know from my conversations with people around the state most voters don’t think either party is really connected to the reality of their lives.”

In recent years, Republicans have been dogged by defections of top suburban Republican legislators who have defected to the Democratic Party and then have been re-­‐elected. The first recent example was Rodney Tom of Bellevue and then Fred Jarrett of Mercer Island.

In the 2010 elections, three new Republicans were elected to East King County state senate seats. Suburban voters clearly focus on the quality of the candidate first before their party affiliation in this key swing-­‐voter region.

Rep. Anderson’s campaign to re-­‐energize the ‘dead letter’ office of lieutenant governor is very straight forward and simple: 1) encourage a higher standards of conduct and performance in the state senate as presiding officer, 2) aggressively encourage the creation of new private-­‐sector family-­‐wage jobs, 3) to personally bootstrap financing for his own lieutenant governor campaign, and 4) to seek only two terms if elected.

“My campaign is about focusing on restoring the confidence and trust of the people in their government and to get it working again. It’s about problem solving and providing real solutions while not bowing to special interests at everyone’s expense. It’s not about big money or waiting for a government pension. It is about making tough decisions to rebuild a positive future for our children and then moving on,” explained Anderson.

In an ironic twist to this GOP state party convention dust-­‐up the other Republican candidate for lieutenant governor, a former state senator, is a former Democrat who flip-­‐flopped to the Republicans in the late 1990s.

“The trouble with these party purity tests is that they are rarely consistent and usually perceived, correctly, as witch-­‐hunts,” Anderson concluded.




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