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Rep. Glenn Anderson Announces Run for Lieutenant Governor

January 5, 2012
For Immediate Release

Well-regarded legislator calls for bipartisan creation of family-wage private-sector jobs

Glenn AndersonFall City, WA — State Representative Glenn Anderson (R-Fall City) today announced his candidacy for Lieutenant Governor in the November 2012 elections.

“We all know that our nation and state face exceptionally challenging circumstances. This situation requires very hard work and creativity to recapture the American Dream in Washington,” said Anderson.    “Olympia must step out of its comfort zone of bending to organized special interests – of both the left and the right – to empower the greater, common good.”

“The current Lieutenant Governor has now served 16 consecutive years, and is seeking re-election to a fifth term. What will the citizens of the state get in the next four years that they failed to achieve in the last 16 from the incumbent?”

The Glenn Anderson 2012 campaign will focus on re-energizing the Lieutenant Governor’s office as a force for thoughtful independent thinking and advocacy in solving the problems facing our state.  “When travelling around our state the number-one concern I hear from citizens is their frustration. They say ‘How do we restart our future and what are we trying to achieve?’ In this economy, we all struggle with economic and personal challenges.  I’m going to try to change that,” Says Anderson. “That means really challenging Olympia to break the business-as-usual attitude. But it also means challenging voters on what it takes to deliver a prosperous future.  Are we going to build and own our future? Or, will we merely allow Olympia to argue as it just happens?”

Anderson’s 2012 campaign for Lieutenant Governor will emphasize four major themes:

  1. Enabling individual prosperity and aggressively encouraging the creation of new, family-wage, private sector jobs.
  2. Investing in our children’s future and assuring that our K-12 schools, colleges and universities are adequately funded -- and held accountable for results.
  3. Rebuilding our social services safety net to assure it provides a hand-up to opportunity and achievement while honoring human dignity, not dependency, on government.
  4. Demanding state government live within the taxpayers’ means to provide essential services.


Glenn is recognized by both Republicans and Democrats as a fiercely independent thinker, good listener, problem-solver and, in particular, someone who can’t be bought or bullied.  He is recognized as a statewide leader on K-12 and higher education performance and reforms, as well as state budget issues.

“The most fundamental characteristic of Americans is our optimistic, can-do attitude.  That is why our pride is hurt when we recognize the dark path on which we are traveling.  Our children are now indebted servants to foreign powers. We lack family-wage private-sector jobs that provide stability for our families and communities. There is an appalling decline in the average level of education that forecasts a better future. And, there are real questions about maintaining public safety and social services. This is not the American Dream we cherish.”


“I do not believe that we have to accept such a negative situation and idly await our fate. It’s my belief that the common ground we share is truly stronger than that which divides us.  We ALL can do better to create a common sense, prosperous and fair future for our children and ourselves. It is time to act,” added Anderson.

Once the 2012 Legislative Session concludes approximately March 8, the Glenn Anderson 2012 campaign will begin full-scale campaigning for the Office of Lieutenant Governor.  It is very possible that the Legislature may go into one or more special sessions this coming spring due to the exceptional nature of the state’s budget crisis. After 12 years of serving his constituents of the 5th Legislative District, Glenn believes that it his obligation to those who have re-elected him consistently over the years to give the crisis at hand his undivided attention before engaging in the upcoming contest for higher office.


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