Glenn Anderson

Glenn Anderson E Pluribus Unum

Glenn Anderson

Glenn Anderson believes in the American Dream
and is grateful for the opportunities it has given him.

Glenn was born in Birmingham, Alabama in 1958 and then grew up in Nashville, Tennessee and Atlanta, Georgia.  He moved to Washington just over 24 years ago.  His father was a WWII Navy veteran who served in the Pacific on the aircraft carrier Franklin D. Roosevelt and then graduated from Georgia Tech on The G.I. Bill and then received his masters from the Harvard Business School.  His mother graduated from Birmingham Southern College and was a community activist and literary writer.  Glenn is the oldest of four sons and one of 13 first cousins who consider themselves close extended family.  Thanksgiving and Christmas have always been busy times of the year for the family to keep connected.  The extended family makes a special commitment year-round to make sure the next generation of 14 nieces and nephews knows their family history and can count on family to ‘have their back’ in tough times.

Glenn AndersonGetting an education and embracing lifelong learning always has been the central value of Glenn’s family.  “Get educated, work hard, don’t make excuses and give back when you can.’ was the creed that my mother drilled into us as children.” Says Glenn.  After high school in the recession of the mid-70’s Glenn pursed his university degree the old fashioned way, he earned it.  Over the next seven years Glenn worked washing dishes, paving roads, being a farm day laborer, carpenter, tour guide, longshoreman and volunteer firefighter, as well as assembling F-14 fighter aircraft, working the ‘graveyard shift’ in a textile factory and then finally as a bank operations clerk.  Every day and every paycheck was about getting that degree.  Glenn received his B.A. in International Trade Economics from the University of Alabama system in 1983.

Thereafter, Glenn went to work in banking as corporate banking relationship officer and rapidly rose through the ranks dealing with every size business from the Fortune 100 to the corner grocery store.  He developed a particular expertise in the new growing high tech industries.  In 1990, after 10 years in banking Glenn decided it was time for something new and started his own executive management consulting company.  Starting any small business is challenging and when money was thin, Glenn worked nights as a limo driver and unloading refrigerated fishing ships on the Seattle docks.

Glenn was first elected to the state legislature in 2000 and has been re-elected five times since then.  He is the second longest serving Republican state legislator in King County in the last 20 years.  Glenn is a recognized statewide leader on K-12 and Higher Education policy and funding issues, as well as state budget and information technology issues.  “The American Dream has been kind to me and I never forget it.  I’ve lived waiting at a fire barrel at 5am on a damn cold morning waiting to see if there would be a temp job for a few bucks that day.  It sucks.  Getting that college degree gave me the options to move on.”  Said Glenn

Glenn Anderson in Greece

Glenn in Athens Greece at the Acropolis the birthplace of western democracy.

Glenn Anderson

Glenn in Jasper Canada hiking the northern Canadian Rocky Mountains

The heart of the public trust is trusting the people.



Creating a Job Machine


Glenn Anderson and his Dogs

“They say if you want a friend in politics get a dog.
I have three!”